10 Fat-Burning Plant Foods That Have More Protein Than an Egg

10 plant foods that are able to burn fat and contain more protein then an egg does.

It is a nice healthy tip that you need to intake enough protein because of the variety of healthy benefits and properties that they can bring to the table. All of us think that the richest food in proteins is the animals food, but there are different foods out there that can offer us far more of the benefits and properties of the protein.

The eggs are also one of those foods which are rich in proteins but often times this could lead to allergy or sensitivity.

But, we are going to clarify the real meaning of proteins.

There are some strings of amino acids which are able to produce proteins, each and every one of these strings has its specific function. Here are some of them – dopamine ( the neurotransmitter for feeling of happiness is developed by the phenylalanine which is an amino acid.

We know of 2 kinds of amino acids – essential amino acids, and nonessential amino acids. The nonessential amino acids are produced by the essential amino acids which are consumed throughout food.

Protein is an essential ingredient for our bodies because of the simple fact that it is needed for a lot of functions and purposes. Protein deficiency can sometimes even result into breaking of the muscle tissue in order to get the needed amino acids.

The proteins are known to have a lot of properties and benefits and the repairing and building the muscle mass is one of the most important ones. It also has the ability to develop some neurotransmitters just like the melatonin, dopamine and serotonin. The proteins have the capacity of developing some enzymes, hormones and antibodies.

So taking the needed dose of proteins Is a must, but remember not to consume higher amounts. On a daily basis you should regularly have about 3g. /lb. of protein of the whole muscle mass. This dose is going to hinder the muscle mass break down.

The greatest amount of a daily intake of protein is 30g. /lb. But this amount could vary depending on a lot of different factors, such as the body of the consumer, the health state duration, physical activity, goals, age and a lot of different ones.

For instance, the sufficient amount of protein in older people is a little bit bigger than the recommended daily amount for average people. But 2g – 8g/lb is considered as the safe amount of protein intake.

If you consume more than 8g /lb. of protein could sometimes result in stress for the liver which is not necessary. The ammonia is one of the many results of the processing of proteins from the metabolism and it is covered into the urea. You should not put your liver under a lot of pressure, but this are the things that we cause to our liver when we intake a lot of protein on daily basis.

The fish, meat and eggs are the foods which contain the highest amount of protein. But, we would also recommend you not to exclude the organic foods and high quality products from your body, because there are also a lot of toxins into the fat of the animals.

But, there are other sources of protein available for us we just need to find them. So here is a list of 10 foods that we found to contain higher levels of proteins than the eggs. An egg has 6g. of protein in 50g. and every one of these foods is richer in protein.

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