15 Surprising Uses For Rubbing Alcohol You Never Knew!

You’ve probably already been informed that rubbing alcohol on scrapes or cuts is a great way to quickly cleaning and disinfecting them. You may even have heard of how great it is for cleaning certain objects around your house and removing stains.

But, believe it or not, there are plenty of uses for alcohol that are far less known, but no less important. We’d like to take the liberty and introduce you to them.

For example, were you aware that it is a great makeup fixer or useful for getting rid of bugs? No? Well, read on, folks.

You might just be surprised at just how multi-useful these $2 bottles can be.

1. Say Goodbye to Bed Bugs and Dust Mites

You won’t have to worry about ‘not letting any bed bugs bite you’, after you make use of these little alcohol bottles.

What’s the best method? Nothing simpler. All you do is spray some rubbing alcohol over your bed area and any other place where you’ve spotted bed bugs or dust mites. After letting the mist dry naturally in the air, vacuum the area.

2. Fix Your Pressed Powder, Blush or Eyeshadow

It’s true, dear readers. All you need to do is fill up a spray bottle with rubbing alcohol and spray it across your broken makeup. Then just smooth it over using either a spoon or your own finger (if you have another idea on how to do that, feel free).

Then just let it sit and harden for a few hours’ time before applying the makeup on your face.

3. Get Rid of The Funk

Lord knows we all have an object or two at home, usually worn-out shoes, which brings about a bad odor and ruins the atmosphere. It can also be embarrassing when we have guests over.

Worry not, just spray some rubbing alcohol on the foul-smelling object and let it dry in the sun. Say goodbye to the smell! We sincerely doubt you’ll miss it.

4. Stretch Out Shoes

Once again you use the rubbing alcohol in a spray bottle. Simply spray a thin coating on your shoes. Make sure to get the inside as well. Now just put on a pair of thick socks and wear your shoes to stretch them out, so they don’t give you any more trouble.

5. Disinfect your Eye Glasses

All you do is rub them with some alcohol, and you’ve got yourself a disinfected pair!

6. Homemade Air-Freshener

Ever considered making your own DIY air-freshener? Well, this is an easy one to make indeed! Not to mention effective. Just mix one cup of rubbing alcohol and about 10 to 15 drops of any essential oil of your choice.

Now just pour this mixture into a spray bottle and freshen up your air without having to worry about inhaling chemicals or toxins!

7. Keep Fruit Flies Away

Use your spray bottle and spray rubbing alcohol mist in the areas where you have spotted fruit flies. This will not only kill the ones gathered but stop any others from gathering too!

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