Nutritionists, cardiologists and oncologists all agree the benefits of a plant based diet extend well beyond the extremely positive impact on the environment.

In fact, you can become a part time-vegetarian, but not a full time vegetarian and still reap tremendous health benefits!

I was a vegan before a couple of years ago, then a vegetarian. Today I simply consume more plants and less meat.

The science has proved that plant based diets eradicate chronic diseases and prevents the development of cancer!

The American Institute For Cancer Research strongly recommends elimination of processed meats and limitation of red meat. Many eminent doctors, scientists, dietitians and institutions such as AICR recommend plant based diet!

The study that was conducted by Cornel University has shown that it is not enough to gain anti-oxidants from supplements! In fact, we should consume while veggies and fruits because there is a synergistic effect from combining phyto inherent in natural foods and naturally occurring anti-oxidants!

The latest research has proved that 1/3 of all cancer deaths in America could be prevented by including more veggies and fruits in our diets!

We should definitely implement more plants in our diet!

According to the study that was conducted by Loma Linda University, vegetarian diets have shown far more protective effects compared to non-vegetarian plans. This study included 70,000 participants where the researchers proved that non-vegetarian participants had significantly higher incidence of cancer.

Going Plant Based Is Ideal For Weight Loss

Many people start diet regimens every year but only a few are seeing results! Believe or not, but 85% of the people who stick to a diet regimen end up it all back within 1 year! If you really want to achieve long term results, you should follow the three diet beliefs below:

Calories In – Calories Out: you should definitely spend your time making healthy meals with whole ingredients than counting every calorie you consume!

You can get far better results by going vegetarian.

Do not ignore the statistic that 10% of US adults or 22.8 million people are vegetarian and in a country where over 65% of the people are obese or overweight, vegetarians weight 3-20% less than regular eaters.

Even without other lifestyle changes, healthy vegetarian diet will definitely lead you to healthier weight and body!

Despite you will get rid of the excess fat and pounds, vegetarian lifestyle go beyond the process of weight loss. These people have fewer cases of rheumatoid arthritis, dementia, diabetes, lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels.

One of the greatest benefits of vegetarian regimen is that you swap out high calorie foods such as fatty meats and then fill-up on fiber-filled veggies and fruits that keep you feel full!

Plant based diet keeps you full without piling on pounds. These foods are extremely rich in nutrients and used as fuel by your organism!

Exercising Off Excess: you can NOT exercise enough to make up for an unhealthy foods, no matter how many hours you spend walking on. Many studies have proved that food is three times more important for losing weight than physical activity!

Cutting Out Fat: cutting fat from your nutrition is likely to be harmful because it will leave you crabby and hungry besides.

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