Deodorant Which Makes Males Grow Breasts Connected to Prostate and Liver Cancer!

Today’s cosmetics include a wide range of products for numerous purposes. But, being one of the most popular brands doesn’t necessarily mean the product is one of the most effective or safe to use. In this article, we talk about the safety of male grooming products from one worldwide popular brand.

The Axe Brand products owned by Univeler include a wide range of products for men whose ingredients (at least a large number of them) have never been tested for safety. This is according to the Cosmetic Ingredient Review.

Chemicals Which Disrupt Endocrine

It turns out that the Axe grooming products are full of these chemicals. Endocrine disrupting chemicals are synthetic, exogenous chemicals which have a hormone-like effect on both animals and humans.

They tend to interfere with the endocrine system in which they either block or mimic our natural hormones and disrupt their normal body functions. The Endocrine Society’s member scientists had issued a report.

In it, they claim that the endocrine disruptors have an effect on both female and male reproduction, the development of breast and prostate cancer, obesity, neuroendocrinology, thyroid, metabolism and cardiovascular endocrinology.

Further, recent studies have discovered that these hazardous chemicals may be the cause for physical feminization in men.

The International Journal of Andrology had published a study in which they stated the feminization of boys can be clearly observed through their playing habits.

Many medical experts are now pondering the question whether years of this chemical exposure has led to older men having a lack of testosterone and having erectile dysfunction problems.

The irony of the matter is that they then resort to taking ‘the little blue pill’, which only exposes them further to harmful chemicals and this cycle seems to go on forever.

Aluminum Zirconium Tetrachlorohydrex Gly

This is the active ingredient found in the Axe products. A few studies conducted on animals show an effect on one’s kidney’s and renal system in small doses. Also, the mammalian cells have shown affirmative mutation results.

There is also some moderate reproduction effect on the animal subjects.

Aluminum has been considered a human neurotoxin ever since 1886. Mind you, this was before anyone ever used it as an antiperspirant aka deodorant.

Needless to say, a neurotoxin is never any good news: it causes nerve and nerve tissue damage.

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