Once You’Ve Read This, You’Ll Apply Deodorant Under Your Breasts Right Away. This Will Effectively Stop You From Sweating!

8. Prevent your feet from smelling

The same effect that deodorant has on your armpits can be used against smelly feet just as well. Feet have 250,000 sweat glands—more than any other part of the body. So you should pay special attention to their hygiene. Spray them generously with aluminum-free deodorant and don’t forget the soles of your feet as well as your shoes.

9. Avoid annoying blisters

Shoes that you recently bought or shoes that are too tight can quickly cause painful and unpleasant blisters on your feet. The moisture in the shoe can make things worse and help form blisters. Antiperspirant deodorant can combat this. It soaks up the disgusting sweat in your shoes or prevents it from developing at all.

10. Prevent razor burn

Many women believe it is a must to shave the hairs in the bikini zone, particularly in the summer. But often ugly red bumps appear as a result: razor burn. An aluminum-free antiperspirant deodorant can help prevent these red bumps from appearing. Simply apply it right after shaving your bikini zone and the skin will stay smooth.

Take advantage of these useful applications of deodorant. Even if it may seem strange at first, rubbing it under your breasts, on your face or on your legs is definitely well worth it!

Please note: It is recommended to use aluminum-free deodorants or antiperspirants, as aluminum has been associated with a variety of health issues. Ideally, the aluminum-free deodorants you choose, should also only consist of essential oils and all natural ingredients.

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