Use Baking Soda To Speed Up The Weight-Loss Process

The weight loss process it’s not easy as it takes dedication and time and it means removing the favorite foods. In this article, we will show you remedy that is based on baking soda and it will boost the metabolism and help in the weight loss process.

We will present you three recipes that will help you lose weight in short period of time.

*Lemon and baking soda*

-One tsp. of baking soda;
-Half cup of water;
-Lemon/grapefruit juice;

Add the baking soda in the water, mix them and add the lemon juice. Stir and consume it in the morning on an empty stomach and you will be amazed by the results very soon.

ACV and baking soda*

-One cup of water;
-Two tbs. of ACV;
-Half a tsp. of baking soda;

Add the ACV and baking soda in the water and consume it on an empty stomach.

*Fruits and baking soda*

-Two cups of water;
-Half a tsp. of baking soda;
-Lemon juice of two lemons;
-Mint leaves sprig;
-One cup of strawberries;

Blend the ingredients and consume it two times a day for better results.
Try them out and the results will amaze you.

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