19 Awesomely Unexpected Ways to Use Conditioner

Conditioner: It’s the key to long, strong, and healthy hair, but did you know that it’s capable of doing more than softening your locks? Believe it or not, this moisture-packed cream can help accomplish a lot around the house! From preserving the life of your tools to keeping your clothing soft, here are 19 examples of what this miracle moisturizer can do.

  1. It removes waterproof eye makeup


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    Slather it on just like cold cream or coconut oil. It effectively gets rid of caked-on mascara and, best of all, won’t irritate the eyes!

  2. It makes stainless steel shine like new

    Add some luster to your steel surfaces by replacing your traditional polish with inexpensive conditioner.

  3. It can ‘unshrink’ clothing

    Accidentally throw your favorite new cotton tee in the dryer? Don’t fret, this method will help expand the fabric back to its original size.

  4. It extends the life of brushes

    From makeup brushes to paint rollers, conditioner works to preserve and strengthen bristles in the same way that it softens hair.

  5. It can take your hair from pin straight to wavy and voluminous

    Most people don’t know that this haircare staple can actually be used after you step out of the shower. Spray this simple concoction on and enjoy some enviably chic beach waves!

  6. It doubles as moisturizing shave cream


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    Whether you’re shaving your legs or your face, smearing on some conditioner beforehand acts as a perfect skin protectant against irritation.

  7. It protects your delicates

    For a gentle clean, hand wash your bras and panties with diluted conditioner. It will leave your unmentionables soft and smelling great!

  8. It easily removes temporary tattoos

    Don’t want to send your kid to school with a peeling Spiderman tattoo on his face? For quick removal, just use a drop or two of conditioner to gently buff away the body art.

  9. It adds shine to your house plants

    If your dull-looking house plants aren’t adding the colorful pizzazz to your space that you hoped they would, consider polishing the leaves with a very small drop of diluted conditioner.

  10. It nourishes dry, cracked feet

    Whether it’s due to health problems or harsh winter weather, dry heels can be painful business. To give your feet the attention they deserve, coat them with rich conditioner for an effective overnight treatment.

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