High blood sugar levels occur when the body can’t transport energy to the cells, leading to insulin resistance first and diabetes later. About 30% of Americans are suffering from this life-threatening disease, which is why you should do everything it takes to keep your blood sugar levels under control.

Luckily, there are many simple natural ways in which you can regulate your blood sugar levels and prevent diabetes. Here are 16 lifestyle changes you should consider making in order to prevent the disease:

Weight loss

Keeping your weight in check is very important for maintaining your blood sugar levels and your overall health. The extra pounds on your body have been related to an increased risk of insulin resistance and diabetes.

A healthy sleeping pattern

Sleeping 7-9 hours overnight is very important for the proper function of your body. During this time, the body recharges and repairs its cells and keeps the level of hormones under control, resulting in reduced risk of diabetes and other ailments.

Regular exercise

Staying physically active and in shape will balance your blood sugar levels and improve your insulin sensitivity, effectively reducing the risk of diabetes.

Limit your carb intake

Excess carbs turn to glucose in the body, which leads to significantly higher risk of diabetes.


Scientists say that stress is one of the main factors against high blood sugar levels and diabetes. High stress levels stimulate the release of glucagon and cortisol, two hormones that can increase your blood sugar levels and the risk of diabetes as well. Try to find a way to vent and manage your stress levels in order to keep your health in check.


Consuming a healthy amount of fiber is a must if you want to reduce your risk of diabetes. The recommended daily allowance of soluble fiber is 38 gr. for men and 25 for women, and you can get it from fruits, vegetables, legumes and grains.

Regularly check your blood sugar levels

Check your blood sugar levels at least twice a year in order to be aware of any problems.

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