Watch This Mom Attempt to Get a Good Night’s Sleep with Her Baby Beside Her!

  1. “The Hair Pull”

    baby pulling hair

    This signature move just makes me cringe! This little tyke obviously doesn’t know how painful this now can be yet.

  2. “The Eye Poke”

    baby pokes eye

    The kid is playing another potentially dangerous game with this move. Hopefully her mom doesn’t wear contacts! If I were her, I think that I would consider wearing scuba goggles to bed.

  3. “That Which Shall Not Be Mentioned”

    This one is just too disgusting to detail… You’ll just have to see what happens at the end for yourself!

Watch the video below to see this little baby’s funny antics. We promise, this one will have you laughing out loud!

Do you have any silly babies in your life? How do you handle sleeping arrangements with your infant? What is the funniest trick that your child has pulled on you? We’d love to hear your thoughts! Tell us all about your stories in the comments section below!

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