When was the Last Time You Drained Your Lymph Fluids?

The lymph system acts as the sewage system for metabolic toxins, and even more in case of any health issue.  Lymph nodes supply antigens needed for purifying the fluids containing impurities like allergens and cancer cells.  The fluid is called lymph and there is more of it in the body than blood.  However, there is no pump for lymph, as opposed to blood.

If the lymph doesn’t move out of the small lymph nodes through the ducts into the liver and kidneys, it backs up.  Consequently, the nodes may get infected and you will end up with swollen glands.  Note that while lymph nodes are not glands, the accumulation of contaminated lymph fluids can cause various health problems.

A sedentary lifestyle is generally associated with poor health. Even if you are not a couch potato who sits in front of the TV for hours, eating junk food, having a desk job still counts as sedentary lifestyle.  The lack of physical activity and exercise of any kind is not only harmful for the muscular and pulmonary health but for the lymph system, too.

Keeping the lymph fluids moving is particularly important for women who use toxin-containing deodorants and wear bras on a regular basis.  The toxins found in underarm deodorants leech into the lymph nodes located in this area (underarms).

Needless to say, anyone who indulges in junk food, heavily processed food, alcohol, and soda and leads a sedentary lifestyle is “condemned” to having a compromised immune system due to the clogged lymph fluid which needs to be drained!

Methods for Moving Your Lymph Fluid

One of the best ways to ensure your lymph fluid is moving properly is to try rebounding or bouncing, which help the kidneys and other organs purify it.  A mini-trampoline bouncer resembles a mini-trampoline and is available for around $50.

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