The 8 Metabolism Killers Keeping You Overweight

5. Low-Carb Diets

It is not carbs that make you fat, but the type of carbs and their timing that lead to weight gain. While ‘low carb’ diet works well for those with insulin resistance, the typical ‘low carb’ meal options cause more harm than good.  They typically include ice creams, bars, shakes, and snacks containing unhealthy and highly processed ingredients.

Being chronically depleted of carbs is bad as the liver is exposed to additional stress and is being forced to work harder in the processing of glucose from fats and proteins.

6. High Inflammatory Fat/Low Anti-Inflammatory Fat

Currently, heart disease is the leading cause of death in the USA.  The prevalence of metabolic syndrome, diabetes, and Alzheimer` s are constantly on the rise, too.  The culprit: High inflammatory diet!

Some fats are natural weight loss options, but the western diet is based on the other kind of fats, the same that are known to wreak havoc to the body.  Aim at eating more healthy fats that stimulate weight loss and boost energy levels, such as avocado, coconut oil, and olive oil.

7. Improper Meal Balance

Learning how to balance your meal`s micronutrients is of utmost importance when it comes to weight loss and fat burning.  The ideal formula is 33% fat, 33% carbs, 33% protein.  This is how an improperly balanced meal looks like:

Breakfast: Cereal, juices, smoothies, bagels, toast

Lunch: Wraps, burgers, fries, subs, sandwiches

Dinner: Sweet potatoes, potatoes, pasta

Snack: Bars, coffee drinks, etc

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