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In order to improve your diet and make some changes, you can start with cucumbers which is the perfect start because of its mild flavor and the high amount of water.

The cucumber juice has many healthy benefits along with its nice taste.

It can reduce the heat of the body and has the ability to act as an antipyretic. Many studies have shown that the cucumber juice is powerful in removing the excess uric corrosive acid and crystal off joints.

It gives better result in combination with celery and ginger. It is powerful in treating inflammation, relieve pain and also cleanse and detoxify the body.

In case you are suffering from uric crystals, the cucumber juice is great for you. It will ameliorate your health and offer many other benefits.


2 stalks celery

1 ginger inch piece

A lemon slice

1 cucumber


The first step is to wash all the needed ingredients. Then chop the celery and cucumber into slices. Cut the lemon in half and store one half in the fridge. And in the end, shred the ginger root.

Then put all the ingredients together to make an amazing juice and consume it once or twice every day until your condition ameliorates.

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