What Would Happen If You Replace All Drinks With Water

After soft drinks, water is the second most popular drink in the U.S.

This is definitely a scary fact since sugary soda and all other drinks can harm our body and cause some health problems. So, here comes the question: what will happen if we replace them with water once and forever?

Chris Bailey is a popular lecturer who carried out some month-long research in terms of the miraculous benefits of water. So, keep reading and find out more what will happen if you replace all drinks with water!

Health Benefits

1. You lose weight faster

Drinking only water for 9 days will help you burn the same amount of calories you can lose by jogging for 8km a day. This is amazing, isn’t it?

2. You speed up metabolism, boosting your energy levels

2 cups of water in the morning will increase your metabolism by 24%.

3. Your brain works better

The fact that the brain is composed of 75-83% water indicates that you can fuel it by drinking water. This will improve your concentration and brain function as well.

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