This Garlic Soup Is 100 Times More Effective Than Antibiotics

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Garlic soup, made of 50 cloves of garlic, red onion and thyme can beat numerous flu infections, colds and even new winter norovirus infection.

The anti-infection and alternate prescriptions appear to be less effective, that why individuals choose natural cures, in light of the fact that the infections get to be stronger and resistible.

Toward the start of this current year the infection norovirus created extraordinary concerns, the winter infection that cause vomiting infection. Also called Sydney in 2012 and has not worse manifestations than others but rather still can bring about vomiting, diarrhea, fever, cerebral pain and stomach cramps.

What is interesting about garlic is that it opposes to new virus because of its chemical allicin. It is proved that garlic is more efficient up to 100 times than the two most popular antibiotics to fight against diseases.

Garlic soup

Individuals who eat garlic smeared on bread, beforehand squashed and blended with olive oil, often are healthy. Obviously, significant research never implemented to the end all together precisely to decide the activity, the immediate power of garlic, on the grounds that it is in the interest of big pharmaceutical organizations.

If you have confidence in the benefits of garlic then make this supernatural soup.

-50 cloves of garlic (about 5 heads), cleaned and peeled
-2 tablespoons butter
-2 tablespoons olive oil
-2 large onions, chopped
-1 tablespoon chopped fresh thyme
-6 cups (250 ml) clear chicken soup
-1 bunch of fresh herbs – parsley, thyme, bay leaf (or you can use dried herbs)
-3 cups stale bread cut into cubes
-1 cup fat sour cream

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