10 Tiny Tweaks That Will Shift Your Body From ‘Fat-Storing’ to ‘Fat-Burning’ Mode

While weight loss is a big challenge that most people struggle with, small lifestyle changes can help you attain your ideal weight in the long run and never go above your limit again. Here is a look at 15 Tiny Changes That’ll Help You Drop Serious Pounds :

1. Measure the size of your meal portions :

This will help you to determine a healthy portion size that you can restrict yourself to consuming for every meal to prevent taking excess calories.

2. Go for lean protein in every meal :

Lean protein is healthy for your muscles and tissues. It also improves metabolism as it digests quickly leaving the body to depend on stored fat.

3. Avoid meat at least once a week :

If you have been finding it difficult to stay away from meat through your daily meals, establish a day of the week which you take no meat at all. Plant based diets are the key to losing weight, but you do not need to be a vegetarian for this.

4. Take your breakfast :

Some people recommend that you skip breakfast, but then you end up eating more calories for lunch and dinner. The best approach is to take lean protein, healthy fats and complex carbohydrates. Include avocado and olive (or coconut) oil. You will feel fuller, burn more fat and absorb less.

5. Read and understand food labels :

Those confusing ingredients and volumes/percentages in food labels? Empower yourself to understand what they mean to avoid taking any extra compounds.

6. Throw away all artificial sugars and sweeteners :

When you do this, you will definitely start noticing some changes in your weight.

7. Establish healthy sleep patterns :

Poor sleep quality and patterns may mess you hormones causing you to eat more or the body will just convert more starch into fat.

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