Weight Watchers Flex – What You Need To Know

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Let’s say you have a daily SmartPoints allowance of 23:

Breakfast – Breakfast bruschetta- 2 SmartPoints
Lunch – Chicken Caesar wrap – 4 SmartPoints
​Dinner – Red Thai coconut curry – 10 SmartPoints
​Dessert – Baked egg custard with pomegranate – 3 SmartPoints
​Snack – Roasted garlic, butter bean and rosemary dip – 2 SmartPoints

We would automatically roll over the extra 2 SmartPoints into your weeklies to give you more flexibility later in the week.

Find what moves you
WW Flex encourages you to move more for pleasure – not just because you “should.” Doing what you enjoy is the key to making activity part of your life. And when combined with eating better, increasing your activity can lead to 20% greater weight lossthan changing your eating habits alone.*

If physical activity  isn’t already a part of your regular routine, we’ll help you find things you love so you can make moving more of a healthy habit. If you’re already active, we’ll help you set goals and find challenges to keep you going strong.

Shift your mindset
With WW Flex, we’ll offer member-tested and backed-by-science techniques to help you shift your mindset. You’ll reconnect with your “why,” so that you remember what sparked you to make a healthy change and learn skills that can help you stay motivated for the long haul. These are techniques you can keep coming back to again and again to continue evolving and growing.

PIN IT.. TO Remember it!