Weight Watchers 2018 New Program Changes and Review

Guess what? Weight Watchers is going to announce a new program. How do I know?

Ever since it was formed in 1963, Weight Watchers has steadily gained in popularity to become a globally recognized slimming solution. Even today, the program continues to undergo regular enhancements and improvements to include modern diet research.

Below are some of the latest changes that have been made to the Weight Watchers 2018 course which I have discovered, including a brief discussion of the improvements. Nevertheless, Weight Watchers is still expected to keep the specifics a secret until the end of Christmas, when the big buy season begins.
Every couple of years, they change things and they are due for a tweak or a major overhaul. I have been getting e-mails from readers asking me if I know what is up and I will tell you right now that Weight Watchers has not briefed me.

But, I have heard some rumors so since no one will die if I share them – here I go :

But, I have heard some rumors so since no one will die if I share them – here I go :

I. Food Estimates

I personally like the fact that Weight Watchers have continuously been able to take complex nutrition data, and transform it into a simpler figure using their internal algorithm. While previously these algorithms were focused on a wide range of factors such as fat, protein, carbohydrates and calories, now using their new arithmetic it would only concentrate on a single matter. For instance, they will now be able to determine what kind of fat is present in a particular food, and whether the saturated fats have a higher ratio. Sugar and carbohydrates shall also be calculated differently.

II. Doorstep shipment of food

Starting 2018, the program may begin providing home delivery of dietary food. This is awesome to say the least! It could be due to Oprah Winfrey’s interest in Weight Watchers-the world’s favorite talkshow host might be launching her own brand of nutritious frozen foods, such as her signature mashed potato/ cauliflower broth that’s expected to be sumptuous.
Weight Watchers has also applied for a patent on the smart portions shipment service, a deal which closely resembles their partnership with ChefD. A firm that has entered into contract with the program to create a tailor-made meal plan for users. I’m eagerly awaiting for more news about this development, it shall be one of my best Weight Watchers 2018 program improvements.

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