21 Ways to Lose 21 Pounds Fast

The best fat-loss –manta is to start eating before getting really hungry, and stop eating before getting full.

The new section to your weight loss journey are the exercises.

In order to save time and avoid injuries, stop making use of  the dread-mill or any kind of other cardio machine.

Build up your lean muscles, which are metabolism real fuels, by exercising resistance trainings instead of cardio training.

Working out in an intensity for a short period of time is the key to your weight loss journey. Exercising 15 to 20 minutes must be everyone’s priority, especially those with the extra fat baggage.

Always try using exercises that include expensive movements. I.e. exercises which combine multiple joints and bigger muscle groups, as when performed burn more calories .

Flat belly demands less sits up and more metabolically expensive exercises.

Your workout must be consistent. it’s better to do a small amount of exercise every day than to be a workout warrior and train for 2 hours only occasionally.

Always find exercises you would love to do. As loving what you doing and enjoying in it will get the job done.

The lack of sleep increases the belly fat. Getting regular and quality sleep is one of the easiest ways to lose fat.

Stress increases the cortisol level, which is the belly fat main causer. You will get your belly fat melt more easily by finding ways in reducing stress.

Always surround yourself with people who will be your weight loss journey main supporters.

The simple technique of reporting to a coach has an amazing fat busting effect. While your support network will be empathetic, your coach will hold your feet to the fire and tell you the truth about your path and progress.

Seriousness of your weight loss process should be put on paper. Try keeping a calendar date or set deadline.

Weight loss process is all about the changes you are ready to make in your lifestyle. Making small changes such as: including protein in your meal or start exercising at least 10 minutes can reflect your great physical and lifestyle successful changes.

Your fitness journey is also due to making plans, just like everything else you do in your life.. While it’s not science fiction, it does take some fore thought. The fact that you’ve read this entire post is a great sign that you’re invested in your health.

Source: theheartysoul.com


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