This bath pulls toxins out of the body; improves muscle and nerve function, reduces inflammation and improves blood flow

Epsom salts have been long used by various cultures around the world.  They are praised for their wide array of beneficial properties and are used to in detoxifying the body, cleaning around the house, and even gardening.  Epsom salts are quite cheap and can be found at discounts in literally every garden center. Enjoying an Epsom salt bath is the ultimate way to detox both your mind and your body.

Epsom salts got their name after the bitter saline spring in Epsom, located in Surrey, England. It differs from traditional salt in terms of their structure, as Epsom salt is a pure mineral component of magnesium and sulfate. Both of these minerals are known for their potent health benefits and ability to detoxify the body in an all-natural way.

Both magnesium and sulfate are highly bioavailable and are readily absorbed through the skin. The skin, body`s largest organ, takes mineral inside and eliminates toxic matter at the same time. With the help of a potent mineral base like Epsom salt, it creates a process known as reverse osmosis. This process removes toxins and salt from the body while allowing magnesium and sulfates to enter the body.

Magnesium is involved in more than 352 enzymes, helping improving nerve and muscle function, improving blood flow and oxygenation, and reducing inflammation. On the other hand, sulfates serve as building blocks for healthy nervous, skin, and joint tissues. Epsom salts is a combination of these two minerals, replenishing body`s sulfate and magnesium levels and helping pull out toxins from the system.

In addition to this, regular use of Epsom salt baths has been found to improve the symptoms of various conditions, including gout, sprains, muscle soreness, toenail fungus and athlete`s foot. It works well for those suffering from chronic pain or chronic disease as it helps de-flame the body, detoxify the entire system, and improve mineral balance.

Although rare, contraindications are possible, particularly if you are dehydrated, have open wounds, or are pregnant. Those suffering from cardiovascular disease should consult their doctor prior starting.

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