30 Day Weight Loss Challenge To Drop 45 Pounds!

Losing weight is a major problem for many people from all over the globe. However, it is not as difficult as it sounds. Having a healthy and nutrient rich diet regularly will help you a lot. Weight Watchers is a well renowned company and will assist you in your weight loss journey.

The surest way to succeed is making small changes. Think in terms of manageable baby steps, like swapping the half-and-half in your morning coffee for fat-free or low-fat milk. There are lots of little changes you can make — in your food plan and daily routine — that will add up to a lot of weight loss over the long haul.

face up your sneakers and get those legs moving! Whether you’re new to walking or ready to try a marathon, we’ve got the perfect plan for you (and if you’re walking for a cause, an extra kudos to you)!

Check out this personalized advice and week-by-week walking routines designed by Judy Molnar, a certified trainer and coach for Iron Girl (an online fitness training program), plus plenty of motivation that’ll help you meet your weight-loss goals.

You’ve taken the first step — you’ve committed yourself to walking regularly. Here’s how to stay motivated:
Find a buddy. When a friend is relying on you, you’re less likely to cancel, and you’ll look forward to the camaraderie.
Set mini goals. Sign up for a charity walk in your area or challenge yourself to walk an additional block each week.
Make an investment. If you spend some money, you’ll be more likely to walk. Purchase a pair of sneakers, or join a gym for the winter months and walk on the treadmill.
Create a rewards system. Hang a chart on your fridge and log your walks. After six jaunts, reward yourself: download a few walking tunes, get a manicure, or buy a new walking outfit.


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