8 Simple Home Remedies That Help with Cleaning Arteries

As we age, taking care of our bodies becomes more important to leading a long, healthy life. Heart health is at the top of the list of things we need to focus on.

Over time, cholesterol can build up as plaque in our arteries, creating clogs. This forces our hearts to work harder and reduces blood flow, increasing the risk of heart attacks.

You can do something about this without having to take medication, thankfully. Here are 8 home remedies that are great at cleaning arteries and making a healthier you :


Sleep is the body’s time to do all of the little repairs and maintenance required to keep it running right. If you’re not getting enough sleep, your body can’t regulate your blood pressure and heal itself like it should.

Make sure you’re getting as close to the recommended amount of sleep as possible!


Stress can cause unhealthy fluctuations in blood pressure and make it harder for your body to detox and heal. If you have too much stress in your life, take stock of the biggest situations causing it. What can you do to reduce or eliminate them realistically?

Meditation can be another way you can reduce your stress. The quiet can give you time to unwind and regroup, lowering your stress levels.

Don’t forget exercise! Activities such as walking or yoga can also be great ways to relieve stress.


Lack of exercise can be a major factor to plaque building up in the arteries. Getting your heart pumping fast and increasing blood flow can work miracles in your arteries.

The faster your blood flows, the less time plaque has to form. The pressure can also help break up small deposits that have already built up.

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