This is How to Stop Vertigo and Dizziness the Natural Way

Vertigo is a difficult condition to live with, across the board. It’s defined as the feeling that either you are moving (when you aren’t), or your environment is moving (when it isn’t).

And what makes it worse, often, than dizziness, is that it creates the actual illusion in your mind of movement.  It’s an extremely disorienting condition and treating it is a vital part of the day for anyone suffering from it.

Join us, today, as we discuss how to stop vertigo. The various techniques in this article will go a long way to stopping the negative effects of this disease, and you can use them to improve your quality of life.



Also known as the Foster Maneuver, this exercise breaks from the structure of the previous three exercises.

Kneel down, looking up at the ceiling.
Press your head against the floor, with your chin tucked in. Wait in this position for 30 seconds.
Swivel your head in the direction of the ear that has vertigo. Wait for 30 seconds.
Move onto your hands and knees, keeping your head turned to the side.
Keeping your head turned, raise it so it’s facing upwards from your position on all fours.
Slowly stand up.
One of the more popular maneuvers for people suffering from vertigo, it’s also easily one of the most effective.

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