8 Minute Morning Workout Routine

8 Minute Morning Workout Routine

It is a fact that, nowadays, most of the people get nervous when they hear the sound of the alarm. When we are busy or in a hurry, there is a little chance that any of us will use that time for exercising.

But, the good workout routine in the morning is crucial to help you accomplish your goal and burn some fats or calories.

Quickly and effective exercises combined with a healthy breakfast in the morning will keep you fresh and full of energy during the whole day. Also, your metabolism will start to work properly, due to the fact that you have started the day in a very healthy way.

This mentioned morning workout contains 6 exercises.



You should lie flat on your back. Now, you should try to bend your knees and brought your hands together behind your head. Then, breathe out and lift up your upper body. It should create a V-shape with your thighs. Stay in that position for awhile and slowly lower your upper body back down.


The starting position is in the traditional push-up. Your feet should be a width-hip apart. The arms are positioned directly under the shoulders. Engage the abs and lift your body up and down. Get back to the starting position.


Lay down int he starting position. You should extend your right leg so that it is hovering above the floor. Bend your left knee and bring it to your chest. Then, quickly extend your left leg completely and keep it above the floor. Bend the right knee and bring it to your chest. Lift up your core and repeat the movements. It should be easy like you are riding a bike.


At the start, get in the plank position. Bend your elbows slightly and put your body on the forearms. Make sure that your body is forming a straight line from shoulders to ankles. Engage the abs and hold in this position for a few seconds.


Stand in the starting position with your legs pressed together. Your arms should be by your sides. Wide up your legs and jump quickly, raising your hands above the head. Get back to the starting position and repeat.


You need to start this exercise with a plank position. Lift up your leg, bend the knee to your chest and put it back. Switch the leg and repeat for 30-60 seconds.

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