If You Love Her, Don’t Destroy Her

Being with her means you truly love her. Otherwise, why would you waste your time around her? However, we are all humans, and we have changeable emotions so that you may love her, but is that the right way?

If you treat a woman not well enough, you may change your relationship; you may turn a healthy relationship in a bad one.

Anyway, you should love her as she should be loved. You should appreciate her greatness because appreciation keeps your connection healthy and strong. Do you remember the first time you laid eyes on her? Wasn’t she everything that you have ever wanted?

This woman has something that you have never found in any other woman before. Maybe it is her appearance; maybe it is because she is funny and she is wild. There is just something special about her.

Her completeness made you fall for her. Loving her truly should make you keep her as she is pretty, natural, and complete. Although this woman is the one in control of her life, you should know that you as a person are important to her, you have a role.

The way you treat this woman is how she looks herself. Yes, you can make her happy, or you can make her miserable. This woman is like a flower in your hands; she wants and needs to be held with carefulness.

In case you love her, do not destroy her.

So, if you have true feelings for her, you should be careful not to hurt her. Once she was damaged, and she does not need to go through it again. She is not with you to be destroyed again.

Do you know that her decision to be with you means she is brave enough to overcome her fears as well as insecurities? This woman has decided to forget about her bad past and believe in love again. She believes in you. She has faith in you.

Try to be present. Your emotional absence can destroy her. You may sit with her all day long and not actually be present. Respect her, and do not disappoint her. Even though you may think you know her well, you do not. You can hurt her if you believe you know her. She is not a book with an end; she is something that you will get to know each day.

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