Childless Aunts Are The Most Undervalued Women In America

“You will never know what true love is until you have your own child.”

How many childless women out there have heard these words or anything along these lines in their lifetime?

I know I have.

I believe there is truth to statements like this; I’ve seen my fair share of mothers soon after they’ve given birth and have seen the way they look at the beautiful new creation in their arms. It’s a look of pure love, connection and devotion that is rarely seen – if at all – in the eyes of anyone else during any other life experience. That instant connection between mother and child is truly indescribable.

Be the Proud Aunt

My aunt always wanted to be a mom. I remember how much time she spent with me while I was growing up. She was buying me presents, she was taking me out, she was playing with me… I couldn’t wish for a better aunt.

But, she wasn’t able to conceive herself. And that was hurting her deeply even if she was trying her best to conceal her pain.

One day, I heard my mom say to me that it is easy for her to be good to me and play with me when she is not stuck changing diapers all the time. But, my aunt had already changed her share of diapers when she was taking care of me when I was a baby. So, her comment was rude and inconsiderate.

“You will never know what a true love is until you have your own child,” people would often say to her. But she knew love. She loved me as her own child. Yet, society judged her and diminished her value only on the premise that she didn’t have children on her own.

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