12 Reasons to Forgive the Person Who Hurt You the Most

This time of year chances are your personal relationships are getting a little more attention than usual. During the holidays, we often spend more time with friends and family, attending holiday parties, visiting other people’s homes and taking time away from work.

Sometimes, this shared time can be lovely. Other times, we feel forced to spend quality time with people who have hurt us. For others still, our broken relationships keep us from spending any time together whatsoever, and we feel sad, lonely or angry because of it. At a time of year dedicated to spending time with loved ones, we often are reminded more fully of the relationships that hurt the most.

So, in the spirit of the holidays, I encourage you to consider forgiving someone who has hurt you. This isn’t to give the other person a free pass, but rather to help you feel better and move on from whatever relationship trauma has been haunting you.

Forgiveness is often easier said than done, so with this in mind, here are a few reasons to forgive the person who has hurt you the most. I hope these reasons help you find the desire to heal any broken relationships in your life this holiday season.

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