Homeless Man Brings $2 Up To Bar For Food Only The Response He’s Given Leaves Patrons Stunned

Homelessness is a heartbreaking problem. There’s nowhere safe to sleep, no warm clothes hanging in a closet and no food to fill rumbling stomachs.

There are homeless shelters, but oftentimes they’re overcrowded. There’s also the generosity of kindhearted strangers that help see them through their tough times.

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When a homeless man walked into Huey’s, a popular restaurant in Memphis, Tennessee, he hoped to find one of those kindhearted strangers working there. The man was starving, but had managed to only drum up a couple of dollars.

Dawn Wilt was at Huey’s and watched the hungry man hesitantly approach the bar. Behind the bar was Beck, an employee there who greeted the disheveled stranger with a friendly,

“What can I get you man?”

The homeless man admitted to having only $2. He disclosed that he was starving and asked what he could buy with all that he had.

Beck didn’t miss a beat when he offered up a burger with a side of onion rings or fries. Anyone who goes out to eat knows you can’t get a burger and fries for $2.

Instantly he replied,

“God bless you.”

The bartender then asked what he wanted to drink to which he responded water. With it being 100 degrees outside, the homeless man was obviously parched.

Dawn wrote on Facebook what happened next:

“They gave the food to him to go and I swear when it came out it was way more than he ordered or paid for … I say cheers to Beck for having a HEART.”

Dawn said Beck’s friendliness with the homeless man reminded her of the outgoing bartender in the classic movie “It’s a Wonderful Life” — “Every time a bell rings, an angel gets his wings.”

“Beck, you get the wings today. Made my heart smile.”

Kuddos to Beck the bartender for going out of his way to make the homeless man feel welcome and offer him a hot meal. May we all be a blessing to others just like Beck was when the opportunity revealed itself.

Since Dawn posted her beautiful story on Facebook – it’s been shared more than 1,700 times.

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