Service Dog Lies Down In Airport And Won’t Move – Travelers Spot The Problem And Rush To Her Side


Meet Eleanor Rigby, who’s one proud Labrador service dog who just became a mother to 8 adorable puppies – and this happened while she was waiting with her owners for a flight at Tampa International Airport! She was accompanied by her owner Diane Van Atter and her mate, a fellow Labrador named Golden Nugget. Eleanor went into labor – right in the airport in front of many passengers waiting for their flights. The whole event caused quite a stir amongst the very excited onlookers, who had witnessed everything from start to finish – right in the middle of boarding Gate F80. Weary travelers were immediately perked up from all that buzz – who could resist cute puppies?

Flight schedules were the last thing on everyone’s mind for at least 3 hours. The puppies just kept on coming, one by one as onlookers marveled at the sight of a live birth. One passenger exclaimed: “I was here since puppy five. It’s on Instagram; We’re getting a lot of likes!”

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