5 years after losing son, radio host delilah is shattered when she loses yet another child

Radio personality Delilah has one of the most recognizable voices on air today. With millions of regular listeners, Delilah is known for offering helpful advice and encouragement to those who reach out to her.

Unfortunately, people who are in the public eye and who regularly help others, like Delilah, also have personal lives and troubles of their own. Tragedy has recently struck Delilah and her family for the second time in six years.

While Delilah periodically shares tidbits about her personal life to listeners, she mostly remains private about the events in her life off the air. Because of this, many regular listeners may be surprised to learn that she has 13 children.

Three of these children are her biological children, and the others are adopted. Recently, one of her teenage children committed suicide.

Commenting on the death of her son, Zachariah, Delilah mentioned that he had been battling depression and had been receiving treatment and counseling.

Many people attempt suicide each year, and more than one million people succeed in their attempt. Despite this staggering number, it only takes one loss of a loved one to shatter your world.

While Delilah has stated that she believes her son is finally at peace, she also has said that she is completely heartbroken and devastated by the loss that she and her family have experienced.

Zachariah is not Delilah’s first experience with the death of a child. Another adopted child, Sammy, passed away in 2012. His death was attributed to natural causes related to his struggle with sickle cell anemia.

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