Husband Pens Viral Facebook Message Dedicated To His Nurse Wife

Franklin P. Jones once wrote that “Love doesn’t make the world go round. Love is what makes the ride worthwhile” and we can’t agree more. Because finding that one person who understands your struggles and is willing to stay by your side during the toughest of times is a privilege not everyone has.

Philip Urtz’s open letter to his loving wife touched us to the core. What these two have is something we all strive for having in our life.

Jessica is a stroke nurse who’s working long shifts and even though she comes home pretty exhausted it’s not something she would confess or cry about. Her strength is unbelievable. Even after 14 hours on the job, she comes homes and has the time to make herself a quick dinner before she goes to bed. The next morning, she is ready for another day filled with stress.

Witnessing all this, this husband decided to share with the world how he feels like regarding his brave wife.

Facebook/Phillip Urtz

“This is my wife Jessica having dinner after a 14 hour day. She comes home from work, has enough time to eat and get ready for bed and it’s back to work the next day for another shift.”

Facebook/Phillip Urtz

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