Woman Bursts Into Tears Over Value Of Grandma’s Painting

If you ask people what the most annoying insect is, you are probably going to get the word mosquito as an answer. Even though it can come as a surprise, despite their irritating buzzing and the itchy bites, these tiny creatures can be useful at times. Especially when it comes to discovering original paintings that are worth staggering amount of money. Yes, you’ve actually heard that right. And if you wonder what the heck we are talking about just check the story of this young lady.

After her loving granny passed away she left her the painting that was hanging above the bed in her bedroom all her life. This meant so much to the lady that she wanted to keep it in perfect shape, which meant she had to get rid of the dried-up corpse of a mosquito that was glued on the painting. But once she took it out of the glass and touched it, her intuition told her that it could be a masterpiece she was holding in her hands.


She didn’t know whether she was right until she met Meredith Hilferty, a master appraiser who came to Harrisburg as part of the TV show series Antiques Roadshow. The young lady was only one of the bunch of people who showed up and waited in anticipation for their valuables to be evaluated.

“I took it out to the front yard and I opened it up to get the mosquito out, so I could take it with me to college, and then it kind of scared me a little. I closed it back up immediately because it looked like it might be real.”

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