Mom Struggles To Conceive For 7 Yrs, But When Dr Shows Her Ultrasound She Almost Passes Out

Jamie Scott and her husband, Skyler, already had two sons – Shayden, 12, and Landon, 7 – but they desperately wanted to add to their brood. For years they tried to conceive again, but Jamie’s polycystic ovary syndrome made it difficult and, after years of negative pregnancy tests, they struggled to admit that another baby might not be in the cards for them.

“It was really challenging to watch your wife go through that,” Skyler said. “Seeing something that means so much to Jamie and not having success with it and not seeing the results of all our praying, that was really, really hard to go through.”

Before giving up completely, the couple decided to enlist the help of a specialist to administer intrauterine insemination. On the second round, it worked!

“When I first found out I was pregnant, I did just an at-home pregnancy test a couple days before I could officially get blood work done to see if the fertility procedure had worked,” Jamie said. “I went through so many pregnancy tests, I was used to seeing a negative. So, after all these years of trying, it was just incredible to see those two pink lines.”

A few weeks later, a test showed Jamie’s HCG hormone levels were extremely high, which typically indicates multiple pregnancies. The couple went in for an ultrasound, expecting to see twins, or maybe even triplets, but what the doctor told them next left them stunned.

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