Pit Bull Rescued From Shelter Has Non-Stop Hilarious Conversations With Her New Mom

Not everyone deserves to own a four-legged companion. While there are people out there who treat animals as valuable family members, sadly, there are also those who treat their pets with disrespect.

Unfortunately for a Pit Bull named Maisy, she got the latter. Her owners’ plan was to use the poor dog for breeding, but it didn’t turn out as planned, so they kept her outside in a tiny kennel, alone and isolated. They believed Maisy should be euthanized.

“At that point, they were like, ‘Well, she’s a waste of money to feed,’” said her new owner, Marisa Elbert. “‘She’s so ugly, nobody’s gonna want her. We’ll just put her down.’”

But as luck would have it, a friend of Maisy’s owners offered to take her to a shelter instead.

That decision was life changing not only for Maisy, but for one girl who recently went through rough time herself.

Marisa Elbert suffered the loss of both her parents and her lovely dog, and at the time she stumbled upon Maisy’s photo on the shelter’s site, she was feeling down. Her friend, who tagged her on the photo believed that a new dog would bring the happiness in Marisa’s life again.


Marisa rushed to check on the dog she seemed to like a lot.

When she first saw Maisy, Marisa fell in love with her personality and the lovely sounds she was making. It sounded like “woo-ing.”

“Maisy’s woo-ing was something that made me adopt her,” said Elbert. “She does it when she’s extremely happy or excited. She’s so chatty and we talk all the time.”

It’s fun how these friends communicate. The dog answers back whenever Marisa says something.

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