Pit Bull Rescued From Shelter Has Non-Stop Hilarious Conversations With Her New Mom

“We have conversations throughout the day,” said Elbert. “It’s hilarious. The first day when I brought her home, we went down the driveway and I threw some balls for her and she was woo-ing on the way up, woo-ing on the way down. She was just so happy. It’s like she knew she was home.”


Marisa believes welcoming Maisy in her life is a sign that her late parents are looking after her.

Marisa says that during the first days, Maisy felt a bit overwhelmed because she wasn’t used to days filled with love and affection. It was the first time that she felt kindness in her life. But that changed over time and now Maisy enjoys being fed, rubbed on her belly, and playing with all those toys she has.

Marisa’s life changed for the better too.

Maisy is the perfect pet. She always knows when her owner feels down and is ready to cheer her up by treating her with a bunch of doggy kisses and hugs. Everyone around is charmed by the beautiful dog. She has the power to make everyone’s day. She even made some friends. Marisa’s cat Motor and her two horses love Maisy a lot and they are all inseparable.

Maisy sometimes sleeps in the horse stall, making her friends company.

Maisy has to be the most beautiful dog out there.

“She’s got this big bowling ball of a head and I think that’s part of her charm,” said Elbert. “You know, she’s just such a stocky tank of a dog with these adorable eyes and this face and these little chopped-off ears. Everything about her is just like a big stuffed animal.”

It’s amazing how Maisy lives her life to the fullest. She knows how to enjoy the small things and is curious about what each new day brings for her, her animal friends, and her owner.

We are glad she got her happy ending for she is one special dog that brightened everything up.

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