This Guy Offered To Adopt A Scavenger’s Daughter, Dad Response Earned Praise!

 In the Philippines, most families are composed of 3 or even more children. And because of poverty, parents have a hard time providing for their family. As a resort, parents tend to give up their kids and ask someone to adopt them or someone rich would offer to adopt their child to give them a better life. With that in mind, this guy offered to adopt a scavenger’s daughter but the father’s response makes everyone happy.

No matter how we claim that we won’t give up on our kids, situations are quite challenging, not to mention how hard to earn money nowadays. Sadly, many of them really do give up their kids for adoption, leave them at the orphanage, or worst, leave them on the streets.

One particular family of scavenger recently made rounds on social media and earned praise from the netizens after the patriarch of the family refused what seems to be a helpful offer.

Jose Hallorina, a vlogger, interviewed the family who found inspiration for a social experiment after a recent visit to an orphanage where he found a lot of kids abandoned by their parents. He found this family in the streets, taking a rest by their cart. He found out that the family of scavengers was searching for trash cans or any items they could still sell to junk shops. This guy offered to adopt a scavenger’s daughter

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