Miracles Like This Only Happen Once Out of Every 80,000 Births

Any time a baby is born, it is a blessed miracle, but one mother has extra bragging rights after having a very special miracle happen when giving birth to her triplets. It is so rare, in fact, that many doctors never get the opportunity to see it.

Dr. Rodrigo da Rosa Filho was able to film the unique birth and you won’t believe what you see in the video. This little girl wasn’t quite ready to face the world even after she got here.

Baby Adeline was born en caul, meaning she was still safely tucked inside her amniotic sac after being delivered from her mother. The fix for that is for doctors to pop the amniotic sac for the baby.

Her brother Joaquim was also born with the sac still intact, but was quickly freed to come into the world. Adeline, however, was still sound asleep when she was born. The doctor didn’t rush her, but despite encouragement from the delivery room staff, she remained asleep.

Only one in 80,000 births are en caul, with most of them being earlier than expected deliveries. The sac is almost crystal clear and you can clearly get a glimpse in the video what life is like for a baby still in the womb.

It took almost seven minutes before Adeline was finally ready to wake up and make her entrance into the world. Little does she know that her greatest performance was the minutes doctors got to observe the magic of life while she was still sleeping in the womb.

Check out the amazing video below and be sure to share this miracle birth with your family and friends. It’s not every day we get to witness something like this.

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