Depressed Man Brings Stray Kitty Home – Next Morning, He Gets The Jolt Of A Lifetime

Every cat owner out there knows that these super amazing creatures have healing powers. You simply can’t feel blue when around one of these four-legged pals that know how to make your days enjoyable. What’s most, it’s a well-known fact that you can’t really choose a cat, because cats choose their owners, and if you are lucky enough to be a cat’s choice, just grab that opportunity with both hands.

That’s exactly what Connor Manning did.

He recently broke up with his girlfriend and was feeling down, so he though he could find comfort in taking long walks during which he stumbled upon a cat that seemed to like him a lot.

It was very thin and covered in fleas, but Connor took the time to stop and pet her on the head after which he continued walking.

But, whenever he would turn his head back he would see the little stray following him. He felt sorry for the feline, but he wasn’t planning on adopting a pet so he tried to ignore her.

However, her cute looking face made Connor stop once again and play with the kitten for a while.

Not surprisingly, this continued for five blocks, and the cat wasn’t ready to give up on her new human friend.

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