Bullies Stuff Cheese Down Teen’s Shirt, Minutes Later He’s Pronounced Dead

Bullying is a disease that needs to stop. Here’s yet another proof.

It would seem that the consequences that bullying brings are getting more serious by the day. Kids are being suspended for it more now, and things that would have been considered “fooling around” 2 or 3 decades ago aren’t acceptable today. However, the reason for this newly found strictness can actually be understood. Bullying can have a lot of unintended consequences.

A group of children in a school is able to face the harsh reality for the rest of their lives as they will be made to live with the horror of what they did to one of their classmates.

Everyone needs to take food allergies seriously. This is because while it is true that not everyone suffers from them, the people who do can have incredible vulnerabilities to even the smallest amounts of these foods. Often, people with food allergies get attacked for “complaining too much”.

Their allergies aren’t taken seriously, and some terrible things happen when that is the case. Now, a little boy has lost his life simply because his classmates never understood the importance of his food allergies.

Karabir Cheema has been pronounced dead after he was the victim of an incident that involved his classmates putting cheese in his shirt. Karan was severely allergic to a lot of gluten, nut, dairy and wheat products. As has now been indicated by his tragic death, this allergy wasn’t the average one either.

The boy had asthma, so he often had difficulties with breathing. This was coupled by the fact that he needed some special treatment of his skin as he had eczema.

Karan’s classmates started to chase him during lunch period. They understood that he had major allergies, but they decided to chase him anyway. One of the students threw a piece of cheese at him, and it managed to go down his shirt.

He immediately went into anaphylactic shock and even after the paramedics came to the scene, he remained in shock. The paramedics did all they could to save Karan’s life, but their efforts were a long shot even from the beginning.

Kierin Opatt, a paramedic who tried to save Karan, sad, “The call came in at 11:40am, and we arrived the scene 7 minutes later.

The call was one of an allergic reaction. As soon as I got to the scene, I knew it was life-threatening and that the patient was at high risk of developing respiratory and cardiac issues”

It took just a few seconds for Karan to break out into red, itchy halves and for his skin to heat up. The epi-pen that he nurse used didn’t do its job well, and the paramedics, unfortunately, didn’t arrive the scene in time. While the paramedics worked to save his life, Kara stopped breathing. Opatt narrated the experience to Mail Online, and it was truly a sad one.

“I was about to draw an inter-muscular adrenaline when my colleague told me that he wasn’t breathing anymore”

The electric resuscitation and CRP techniques didn’t work as well, but Karan lived unconscious for another 10 days. He passed on the 9th of July with his whole family by his side.

The whole incident could have been avoided if the ids had just taken the allergies of Karan seriously. Inasmuch as kids will be kids, it is completely terrible to shove something you know someone is allergic to down their shirt.


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