Doctors urge wife pull plug on husband, she kisses him instead.

When Scott Hawkins was just 37 years old his whole world turned upside down. While his wife was attending a class in a nearby county Scott suffered a severe massive stroke.

One particular day during the month of April while attending a class in a bordering county while Scott stayed home with their children at their residence in Michigan, Michelle received the dreaded call.

He called me and he was slurring his words,” Danielle recalled.

”He said he had an intense headache and that something was wrong.”

Danielle dialed 911 and a medical team quickly arrived to bring Scott to the hospital.

”When emergency medical crews loaded Scott into the ambulance, his blood pressure spiked, causing fluid in the lungs,” Danielle said.

”It was just very, very bad,” Danielle added before taking a long pause, admitting, “Sometimes it’s hard to talk about it.”

While on route to the hospital in the ambulance the emergency medicals had to incubate Scott.

Doctors encouraged Danielle to call the rest of the family members,
once the couple arrived at the hospital.

She was informed there was a possibility that her husband may not make it through the night.

“His oxygen levels were in the 60s and 70s. They told me they should be above 90″, Danielle said.

Scott had burst an arteriovenous malformation aneurysm near his brain stem. It seems he had an aneurysm since birth, which caused a stroke.

During the procedure Scott tragically suffered a heart attack, when the surgeons attempted to stop the bleeding in his brain.

“They lost him for a few minutes,” Danielle said. “He had loss of oxygen because of that, too.”

Scott remained unable to respond or follow direction days after the procedure.

Doctors informed Danielle, he was probably never going to wake up or function normally ever again, let alone ever be able to kiss her or tell her that he loves her.

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