How Does Weight Watchers Work? Explained by Skinny Points.


What is weight Watchers? & How Weight Watchers Works ?

This is a very popular weight loss program in today’s world . It is popular with ordinary people as well as celebrities.

Background of the program

The idea behind weight watchers began with an overweight lady, known as Jean Nidetch, in the early 1960s when she invited some of her friends to her home in New York to discuss how to lose weight. The friends decided to join her in following a diet that was recommended by her dietitian. They started meeting on a regular basis to discuss their progress in their weight loss program. Eventually, Jean partnered with a businessman who was known as Al Lippert and this marked the birth of Weight Watchers.

The promise of Weight Watchers Program 

The program promises you that you can eat whatever you want , including pasta, cheese, ice cream, or even steak provided that you are not going beyond your allowed points each day. The program assigns each food item a particular number of points.

How it works

How Does Weight Watchers Work

Weight Watchers program has more to do with lifestyle changes than a diet plans. It is designed with the aim of helping giving you more knowledge on how to incorporate healthy foods in your diet as well becoming more active in order to lose weight for good

According to Weight Watchers, people who follow PointsPlus/Smartpoints plan can lose up to 2 pounds every week. Studies have actually proven that the program helps people achieve long-term success in their weight loss goals.

One of the greatest advantages of the program is that it is available online. This means that you can access exercise and diet plans, and also chart your progress. Alternatively, you can join other people in the program for weekly meetings and share information while benefiting from support from other member’s. .This is one aspect that makes Weight Watchers more appealing; you are never alone. A survey associated with Consumers Reports found out that people who go to these meetings expressed more satisfaction with Weight Watchers and experience better weight loss results than those who only use online resources.

What foods does the program allow?


As a matter of fact, the program does not restrict you to particular foods; you can eat anything you want. The program actually assigns particular points to the food items you choose to eat.

How do you establish the number of points you are allowed?

In your first meeting, your group leader will advise you on how many points you are allowed. However, if you become an online member, you will be advised on how to get your ideal number of points, depending on your age, height, weight, gender, as well as your level of activity.

The more weight you need to lose, the higher the number of points you are allowed. So if you don’t go beyond your assigned number of points per day, you can spend the points as you wish.

What happens if you are not able to tell the number of points there are in a particular food?

You don’t need to get worried about this. If you attend the weekly meetings, you will be given free points finders to help you calculate the points, using saturated fat and calories details etc… In addition, the materials that you receive during your first meeting contain basic food lists.

In addition, you can purchase a points calculator (amazon) or a shopping guide containing the points values for supermarket and branded foods. In addition, online members as well as members who attend meetings ,and who are also signed up for internet support can access a data base online that includes the point values of close to 30 000 foods as well as a Smartpoints calculator.


-You are not restricted to a particular type of diet,

– You have the freedom to choose your own diet.


– Point -tallying can be tedious,

Is exercise necessary?

The program puts emphasis on exercise since doing so enhances weight loss. Weight Watchers also involves a lot of fun so that you can stick with it.

Is the program effective?

Weight Watchers is in fact among the best weight loss programs ever. It is a well –researched weight loss program, which is backed by several scientific studies various.

Who can use the program?

This program can be good for everyone. This is because it focuses diet plans that contain nutrient rich foods that have low caloric value. It is therefore very ideal for people who suffer from certain health conditions, including high blood pressure, diabetes, and heart disease, among other health conditions.

The program is awesome and easy-to follow. It is actually among the most effective weight loss programs today. It also helps keep the weight off.

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